NTP Interiors

NTP Interiors combines contemporary design with traditional customer service to provide the ultimate design and build solution for commercial, retail, hospitality and residential interiors.

In this teeming domain of construction, interior designing and fitout works, NTP GROUP has proved itself as a pioneer, offering bespoke expert solutions to its clients, coming from real-estate, hospitality, corporate, industrial and retail sectors. Ever since its inception in 2004, NTP GROUP is vigorous in its sphere of operations. Consequently, the company has lucratively catered myriad clients thus far with its plethora of unparalleled construction, infrastructure and exceptional interior designing plus fit-out solutions. Lately, the company has firmly established itself in the commercial sector as well, and now, the entity is perfectly managing the turnkey projects simultaneously. Managed by Mr. Kapil Tyagi and other directors, NTP GROUP today is recognized as a well-established firm, which has smoothly spread its wings nationwide. With the advent of contemporary technology, NTP GROUP has redefined its working procedures, and doing this has separated us from the general horde of construction and fit-out companies. Today, NTP GROUP has carved a niche for itself in its domain of operations, and is currently acting as a leading company within its area of working. NTP GROUP is now deemed as a brand, delivering premium construction, state-of-the-art infrastructure and top-notch fit-out solutions to its clientele in the market.

Primary Objective

It won't be wrong if we quote it like this – "NTP GROUP is of the clients, for the clients and by the clients." At NTP GROUP, we're highly customer centric and our predominant goal revolves around customer satisfaction. As a company, we didn't penetrate this sector for profit maximization, but to develop everlasting relationships with our valuable clients. We consider ourselves deeply honored whenever we approached by our clients regarding some projects. Accordingly, we perform the assigned task with optimum zeal, poise and attention. Profits can be earned today or tomorrow, but a company only receives one opportunity to get into an association with a client and to further nourish it. Yes, we do consider us fortunate as we have managed to establish innumerable associations in the last few years which we're still cherishing to the utmost, even today. Each solution we design and build reflects the individual needs of the client. Whatever your budget we believe in the value of creative solutions that make your space more organized, more productive and more inspired by the environment in which you conduct your business or lifestyle.

Project Procurement

Our flexible approach to every project means we can provide as much or as little assistance as you need: choose the full design and build option and we will take care of every detail on your behalf - ideal if your are commissioning a fit-out from a different location or you are too busy to be involved on a day-to-day basis. Alternatively, we can work alongside you as a third-party consultant or specialist. Take a look at our services in more detail to find out what we do and how we can assist you.

Supply Chain & Infrastructure

Our Work
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